Closing the Gap

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About the Gateway Medical Society

The social and ethnic disparities within our Nation are also within our healthcare system. These disparities lead to poor healthcare outcomes for people of color. Unfortunately, the general community may not always have access to quality care, the knowledge to recognize quality care, or the tools for successful health maintenance. This issue is close to our hearts and we work to bridge the gap between the healthcare community and patients.

The mission of the Gateway Medical Society is a reflection of our reality, which mirrors the mission of National Medical Association: to eradicate the disparities in healthcare. The Gateway Medical Society was established in Pittsburgh in 1963, as a component of the NMA.

Membership to Gateway is open to any healthcare provider who is licensed to practice in the state of Pennsylvania. We work to promote public health and the general welfare of the community. The emphasis has been on minority and disadvantaged populations. Our goal is to enhance the quality of health services, to encourage and promote effective health education and to develop a more cohesive and effective community of health professionals.

Associated with the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Medical Association (NMA)

History of the Gateway Medical Society

The Gateway Medical Society was organized in 1963. Some of the founding organizers are Earl B. Smith, MD, Oswald Nickens, MD, and Charles Bookert, MD. As a 501c(3) organization, our primary source of funding includes: membership dues collection, fundraisers, donations and grants.

The Gateway Medical Society is a component of the National Medical Association (NMA). The National Medical Association objectives are to promote the science and art of medicine and the betterment of public health.

The NMA was organized in 1895 whose membership is composed of physicians licensed to practice medicine in any state or territory of the United States and the District of Columbia. Election of Membership may be obtained through Constituent Associations, through affiliation with societies consisting of organized women physicians, Haitian physicians, and other minority physicians. The Gateway Medical Society is therefore a component society of its constituent association the Keystone State Medical Society of Pennsylvania.